The community of Creekwood is a townhome community that is comprised of 112 Homes. As Declarant, M/I Homes subjected Creekwood to the covenants, conditions and restrictions contained in the Declaration.

Creekwood is a small intimate community where residents can live and play in harmony with others. In order to preserve, protect and enhance the property values of those who purchase homes within the community of Creekwood, the Creekwood Townhome Association, Inc. (Creekwood) was created. All Owners of property within the Creekwood community are Members of the Association. This Membership includes certain mandatory obligations, financial responsibilities and a commitment to abide by the deed (use) restrictions and rules of the Association.

Mission of the Creekwood Townhome Association, Inc.
  • To maintain, protect and enhance the value of the homes and common property within Creekwood.
  • To foster a sense of community among the Members.
  • To pursue excellence in all that the Association does.
  • To build a community that is based upon principles, values and respect for one another.
  • To record and manage this vision through a system of governance that respects this perspective
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